A New Year’s gift for a loved one is not just a beautiful box with a bow, it is, first of all, a manifestation of your love, attention and devotion to this person. That is why we have prepared for you collection of Christmas gift ideasthat will never lose their value.

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women's earrings - photowomen's earrings - photo

Each girl will certainly be happy with one more pair of earrings, and from a loved one – doubly so. When choosing earrings, be guided by your heart, because deep down you know what she wants, because You are her real man.


women's bracelet - photowomen's bracelet - photo

If a bracelet still does not sparkle on the handle of your beloved, You just have to buy it for her. Its optimal length is 17-19 cm. When choosing, its neck chain can become a guideline for the type of weaving.


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The neck of the girl, like herself, was created for beauty. And what could be more beautiful than a new chain from a loved one?! .. Optimal long women’s chains consider 45-55 cm.


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A chain without a suspension, is it not okay? An ideal addition to the chain you have chosen will be a suspension, especially since there is where to roam. Crosses and amulets to secure your chosen one on a spiritual level, as well as a host of other options that can be determined based on her taste and preferences.


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A ring on your finger… with a sparkling diamond is a dream, and not a gift that she will proudly show off to her friends, and your wings will grow with joy. The only caveat is the size … you either need to know it or Learn it (brave assistants in the form of girlfriends and mothers to help you), otherwise everything is simple! And if not, we know where she needs to look: Letter to Santa Claus

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male accessory - photomale accessory - photo

A versatile gift that will definitely fit. If your man prefers a business style in clothes, he will be exquisite cufflinks and a tie clip are very relevantwhich will emphasize his status in society. Male car owners definitely will please the keychain made of noble metal. Badges can be attributed to the same series (patriotic themes have been very relevant lately).


men's bracelet - photomen's bracelet - photo

A wonderful gift that will certainly emphasize the masculinity of your soul mate. Optimal length men’s bracelet is 19-23 cm.


men's chain - photomen's chain - photo

A good decoration that will speak for itself. As for the length, in the case of men’s chains it is 50-65 cm. We advise you to buy massive chains (from 5 grams)they look more advantageous on the male neck.


male suspension - photomale suspension - photo

In the case of men, the most suitable would be pendants-crosses and pendants-axons of a massive plan (from 3 grams)to match perfectly with the chain.

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