Before the holiday of all lovers, Valentine’s Day, there is not much time left. It’s time to think about a souvenir for your soulmate.

If you plan to make this day special, please your loved one with a romantic gift. Don’t know how to surprise him? “Lisa” to share with you my ideas!

Sweet inscription

Such a congratulation will please a man with a sweet tooth. To make a gift, you will need a flat surface (table, bed, etc.), a tablecloth, and several types of small sweets, such as marmalade, jelly candies, glazed nuts, and chocolate slices.

The place where the gift will be located is covered with a white or red tablecloth. Come up with a beautiful wish and lay it out with pre-prepared delicacies. Your loved one will be delighted!


Get a small globe and use acrylic or a regular marker in a suitable color to write on it “I love you more than anything” or “You are my world!”.

Cup with a surprise

In the workshop where they work with clay, order an individual cup for your soulmate. The form can be any. The main thing is to put some kind of love message on the bottom of the cup (inside). On the morning of February 14, prepare a man’s favorite drink in this wonderful cup.