Less than a month until Valentine’s Day. Still haven’t figured out how to congratulate your beloved man and what to give a guy for Valentine’s Day?

“Lisa” has prepared for you some more original gift ideas that will help you express your feelings and create a romantic mood on Valentine’s Day. Take note!

Air balloons

To implement this idea, you will need balloons, decorative ribbon, colored paper and felt-tip pens. First, inflate balloons with helium and tie with ribbons. Some gift shops can help you with this.

Then compose a text of congratulations for your loved one. On each sheet of paper, write a part of the wish and put three dots. Roll the leaves into a tube and attach to the ribbons with which the balls are tied. Such an “air postcard” can be placed, for example, above the bed.

T-shirt with a wish

What to give a guy on February 14? Order a T-shirt! Today this is not a problem at all. You can put on a thing a wish or a photo where you and your loved one are together. You can go further and ask that the congratulations be printed, for example, on a pillowcase.

Box with hearts

Prepare a medium-sized cardboard box, colored paper, a key with a key ring and a small card with the inscription “the key to the heart of your beloved” (you can make it yourself).

Make a hole in the card and attach it to the key ring. Then cut out many small hearts from colored paper. They can be of different sizes.

At the bottom of the cardboard box, place the key with a valentine keychain, and fill it with hearts on top. An interesting and romantic DIY gift, isn’t it?