Intuition rarely fails, and when it seems that a man has fallen out of love, it is better to play it safe and make sure of it with the help of a proven source of advice and information, rather than fortune-telling on coffee grounds or biting yourself with unnecessary thoughts.

how to find out that he fell out of lovehow to find out that he fell out of love

Understanding this issue, we turned to Tatyana Polchenko, certified business coach and psychologist. She talked about:

  • three signs that show that a man no longer loves;
  • what to do if it seems that he has fallen out of love;
  • how to prevent love from disappearing.

How to understand that a man has fallen out of love

How to understand that a man no longer loves? Three main signs that indicate that a man no longer loves you:

  • The man avoids sex, constant refusals. Gets annoyed when a woman takes the initiative with any physical contact. At the same time, sex used to bring pleasure to both.

Sex for a man is an important part of a relationship, such is its nature. And if we are not talking about physiological problems, then there is almost a 100% probability that the man no longer has feelings.

  • A man often shows disrespect: makes fun of weaknesses, shortcomings and failures, especially in the presence of other people.

Carefully: this sign can also indicate a narcissistic personality disorder in a man, and in a woman – an inability to establish personal boundaries. But if such behavior was not observed before, then it definitely means that love has gone.

  • A man’s constant irritation with his woman with and without him. A sharp deterioration in his mood after your appearance directly indicates that there is no more love.

The same can be said about this sign as about the previous one. This signal will be especially true if there were no such mood swings before, or they were weakly expressed.

What if it’s about your relationship

If at least one of these signs appears, you should urgently consult a specialist (family psychologist, psychotherapist). Otherwise, everything threatens to end either in a “sick” relationship – codependency, or in parting and problems in the future.

guy fell out of loveguy fell out of love

How to maintain love

Love and tender feelings in a couple do not disappear immediately.

  • Love is a concept much deeper than desire.
  • Desire is a temporary quantity, and it passes, giving way to deep relationships in mutual understanding.

Unfortunately, many couples are built on passion and desire, mistaking these feelings for love. And then, when the desire passes, in fact, there is nothing left that would connect these two people. That’s when they say “out of love”.

Here are the measures you can take “for prevention”:

  • Understand that love is not a feeling, but an action. The more a man invests in a relationship, the more valuable it is to him. Allow your husband to take care of you, “invest” in you emotionally and materially.
  • Know and help satisfy your partner’s needs: to be needed, to be free, to receive recognition and thanks from your loved one.
  • Talk! It is very important to discuss all issues and misunderstandings without scandals and complaints. Then there will be less quarrels.
  • Respect yourself and your boundaries, love yourself and be your priority (yes, yes, not children, not mother and not husband, but you).
  • Develop yourself, your femininity and personality, engage in self-education, hobbies, career.

Learn the psychology of building a happy relationship and apply it.