The first meeting is a very exciting moment. As a rule, both a man and a woman already feel quite embarrassed and are afraid to do something stupid.

How not to make a romantic date worse? Just do not order dishes from this list in a restaurant.

  1. Spaghetti with meatballs

If you are not trying to mow like the Lady from the Disney cartoon “Lady and the Tramp”, it is better to think about another dish. Chewing on the long, tentacle-like pasta that sticks out of your mouth won’t make your date look polished. Red sauce, according to Murphy’s law, will definitely drip on your clothes.


  1. Ribs and wings

Don’t order food that you have to hold with your hands. This is not very beautiful and clearly does not contribute to creating the image of a sweet, airy, unearthly beauty of a girl.


  1. Salads with big leaves

Greens are an integral part of salads. But try not to order the ones that include large whole leaves or slaw. They are chewed for a long time, the process of eating them does not look very neat, and spinach stuck between your teeth is not your best decoration.


  1. Shrimps and other crustaceans

It’s hard to look elegant trying to suck tender meat out of the shell or peeling shrimp like seeds.


  1. Legumes

On the first date, you have to be perfect. Nothing will be deposited in your and his memory as firmly as this meeting. Therefore, do not tempt fate. Legumes do not cause indignation in the stomach only when they are plentifully eaten with greens, in particular, dill. And that – with a healthy stomach. Otherwise, bloating and – at least! – dissatisfied grumbling is provided to you.


  1. spicy food

Well, if you can happily gobble up something “hot”. But don’t risk it. Spicy foods can cause increased sweating.


  1. Onion or garlic

These pungent-smelling plants leave a not-so-feminine flair for more than a day. Even brushing your teeth does not always help to kill the smell. But if you want your first kiss to be unforgettable, so that the young man bypasses you for the rest of your life – please eat.


  1. Corn (on the cob)

He can be touched by the way you gnaw on a head of cabbage. First ten seconds. Then it stops being so cute. Here the same rule as with the ribs – it is better not to order what you have to eat with your hands.


  1. Same as him

“Give me the same” is a sure way to express your timidity, indecision and complete lack of imagination. Moreover, by ordering another dish, you can keep up a conversation about differences and similarities in tastes for the rest of the evening.


  1. A dish with an unpronounceable name

If you two go to an exotic (or just foreign) restaurant, there is a good chance that there will be dishes whose names you cannot read. Don’t pretend to be a know-it-all who can read Swahili with diction like BBC announcers. This can put you in a puddle. Also, watch out for accents. [л’ат:е]but not [лат:‘е]!


  1. hot dogs

In general, people look a little strange when they eat sausages in a bun. Save it for at least the third date.


  1. Very expensive meals

It doesn’t matter if you pay your share of the bill or if he pays for dinner. In the first case, you can hurt him. In the second – put a pig on him. It is not surprising if, after such a date, he no longer has a desire to take you somewhere.