(You will never have second chance to make a first impression

Coco Chanel)

Did you know that, according to recent studies and surveys of representatives of the strong half of humanity, when meeting men, they pay more attention to our grooming in general and a neat appearance. And then – on the figure and so on.

beautiful womanbeautiful woman

And also – on the aroma emanating from us, the softness and beauty of the hair, the smoothness of the skin. This is primarily because men tend to perceive the “big picture” and not focus on the details, as we women do.

In addition, the ideal woman, from the point of view of a man, must certainly be cheerful and independent, have hobbies and hobbies, must know how to take care of herself, have her own style and be able to enjoy life. Then she will transfer this state to the man.

In general, it all depends on our internal state: after all, a confident and self-satisfied woman with normal self-esteem always takes care of herself and looks stylish and well-groomed. And vice versa: a good blooming appearance, in turn, gives self-confidence and, accordingly, raises self-esteem. And it attracts men.

If you take care of yourself and look after the beauty of your body, then you probably do not forget to take care of your clothes (after all, for us women, this is a “second skin”, as Coco Chanel said). It should be clean, ironed and smell good. And, of course, you like yourself. By the way, modern clothing care products allow you to give it a well-groomed appearance (elasticity, softness, freshness) without any effort. For example, the new Silan Soft & Oils clothes conditioner, thanks to the moisturizing aroma oils included in the composition, makes clothes, as well as towels, bed linen, surprisingly soft and delicate to the touch, gives them a surprisingly pleasant, refined aroma. Silan Soft & Oils takes care of the fabric by protecting the fibers in the wash. Wearing items washed with this unique conditioner, you can feel the unique comfort of their incredible softness, when the clothes gently touch the skin, wrapping in a feeling of warmth and comfort. And its extraordinary aroma will accompany you all day (or all night).

The state of clothing is a reflection of the inner state of a woman. And men certainly feel it. If a woman takes care of herself, there will always be men who want to take care of her.

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