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Do you often take offense at your beloved man, best friend and even mother with or without him?

Find out why you should not pout and boycott loved ones, even if you have good reasons to be angry.


Quarrels and disagreements deprive you of smiles, good mood and precious moments of happiness. But all the time that you spent on sorting things out with a loved one, you could enjoy his company.


It doesn’t happen that problems disappear as soon as you pout your lips. Unfortunately, resentment only aggravates the situation – unnecessary thoughts, sleepless nights, negative emotions … But you will experience no less than the person who upset you!


Resentment is a means of manipulating people, with the help of which it is possible to shift the blame for what happened to you onto the shoulders of a person who is not guilty of anything, but wants to resolve the conflict peacefully. It is unlikely that such behavior will characterize you as a serious and responsible person!


Irritation and anger tend to lead to headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, and other unpleasant consequences. So do not be offended – it is bad for health.