Every fifth man today takes care of his inguinal region. Male grooming is becoming more and more popular.

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Men increasingly began to use cosmetic products and shave their hair in the groin area. According to sociologists, they do this most often for hygienic reasons, as well as to improve their sex life.

Today, men not only shave their facial, armpit or chest hair, but also take care of their intimate area. Previously, a variety of intimate haircuts and pubic hair removal were done exclusively by women. But this trend began to spread among the stronger sex. Sociologists have found that 20% of modern men shave off their pubic hair to improve the quality of their sex life. According to the representatives of the stronger sex, the absence of hair in the intimate area gives sensations during sex and women like it if this part of the body in men is smooth and well-groomed.

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Male Grooming Is Increasingly Thriving

Grooming among men began to develop in the 80s, when the first glossy men’s magazines, feminist and gay movements began to appear.

Today, men are increasingly focusing on their own attractiveness and this is becoming a completely acceptable norm, as well as emphasizing their masculinity with a beard, for example. Moreover, now on the shelves of supermarkets you can find a large number of cosmetic products for men.

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American psychologist Matthew Hall believes that the new requirements for male attractiveness have reached their maximum today. Men try to match all the trends in order to look even more desirable and sexy in the eyes of women.

What do you think about male grooming?

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