According to social stereotypes, a man should be older than a woman.

But, as you know, all ages are submissive to love, and often mature ladies acquire young gentlemen.

What to expect if your chosen one is noticeably younger than you?

face difference

Years give solidity, but only to the representatives of the stronger sex. Women in this regard are much less fortunate – with age they lose their former freshness and acquire unsightly wrinkles. To look good next to a young man, you will have to not only carefully monitor your own nutrition and health, but also use the services of cosmetologists.

Reproaches of others

Perhaps not all relatives and friends will approve of your choice. Many people believe that an experienced woman cannot be interested in the company of a young gentleman, because representatives of different generations have few topics for conversation. If you feel comfortable in a relationship, learn to ignore the reproaches. After all, this is your life!

Maternal instinct

The connection in a couple where the woman is older often becomes similar to the mother-son relationship. Remember, a man is always a man. Even if he is five, ten or fifteen years younger than you, it is absolutely not necessary to take care of all the worries and patronize him.

Lack of experience

The views of a young gentleman can differ significantly from yours, because he evaluates everything based on his own experience and knowledge. Most likely, they will be quite scarce, so you will have to take on the role of the head of the family. To prevent this, let him make mistakes and draw his own conclusions.