Loneliness can lead to health problems and even premature death.

Lonely woman - photoLonely woman - photo

According to scientists from California and Chicago, loneliness leads to biological changes in the human body. A latent state of loneliness can lead to genetic changes in the body, which can provoke various diseases and even premature death.

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These results of the study were a real novelty in the field of science, since such conclusions were made for the first time. Previously, scientists have suggested that loneliness negatively affects health and shortens life expectancy, as single people die faster than those who live in marriage.

But until now, scientists did not even guess that the state of loneliness can cause physical changes in the body at the genetic level, which can lead to various diseases and even premature death. The state of loneliness reduces the activity of genes responsible for fighting diseases.

loneliness - photoloneliness - photo

For this reason, inflammatory processes in the body are activated, the immune system cannot fight pathogenic bacteria at full strength, and a person becomes ill.


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