How your new acquaintance, boyfriend, lover, friend, boyfriend treats you and your relationship can be recognized in different ways. Usually, this is seen in small things, for example, remember how often he calls you affectionate nicknames.

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They can tell a lot about you:

Baby – he needs contact, what you feel is not so important to him.

Babe He doesn’t like to complicate things. And what about his sense of humor?

Expensive – confidence and constancy – these are the main pillars of relationships for him. And for you?

Right – he is inclined to forgive you everything, because he is so strong and smart, ata is just a girl.

Hedgehog, hedgehog – a gentle and affectionate young man. Most likely, he has already come up with names for your children.

My life – bust in everything – this is his lifestyle. It usually turns out that he has several such “lives” at the same time.

Bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny – games, your man’s favorite pastime. He may look indifferent, but don’t get your hopes up, he’s always watching you.

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Gold, gold, gold “He values ​​you, almost as highly as pure gold.” Smart little one.

Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty – first-level close contact and as soon as possible, what other relationship?

Goat, goat – you are native people, so why not hook you up?

sweetie – oh, oh, be careful, it seems he decided that you are only his.

Kitten, kitty, kitty, kitty – he is gentle and affectionate, besides trying to win you over. What else is needed?

Paw, paw, paw – you are the center of the Universe for him, he will do everything for you.

Martin Your loyalty and devotion is beyond doubt.

Lysenok, chanterelle, bald – yes, he considers you a cunning who bewitched him. Don’t worry, he loves it.

Beloved, love – Is that a big deal for you? How much do you know?

Lyalya, Lyalik It’s all yours, enjoy.

Little, masik, masya – attention and care – this is how he shows his affection.

Baby, baby You completely absorb his attention. Be careful, he expects the same from you. Are you ready?

bear cub He needs you, but he is careful not to lose you. Very sensitive, be gentle with him.

Cute He wants a strong relationship. Balanced and reliable, you were looking for this, right?

Mulya, musya, musipusechka – a sense of proportion is not his forte. But if you got carried away, then completely and completely.

Mouse, mouse – sometimes he is not restrained in his feelings, but this is because he became attached to you.

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Pumushka – he wants to be as close as possible, close contact is what he needs.

Donut – you are his, and others so that it is not habitual.

Pups, pupsik, pusečka, pusya – practical interest in everything and complete dedication. From your side.

Rybka – fish in the net and all. He is intelligent and interested. You don’t need romantic rubbish, do you?

Sweet He is not as emotional as he seems. He wants you to see him that way..

sun, sun, sun He is very interested and full of tenderness.

Tiger, tiger cub – if you are an independent and self-confident girl – a union of equals, that’s what awaits you with him.

Hamster – An impulsive and impetuous man. He is full of surprises.

chick, chick – perhaps he is afraid of “falling for” your charm, but he is ready for contact.

Miracle – he needs your attention, like air, and maybe more ..

A chocolate bar – simplicity and ease. If you value self-giving in a relationship, then you are on the right track.

Strawberry He is energetic and self-confident. Feelings are for girls.

Touching “nonsense” will refresh the relationship

This goes beyond all limits!

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