This question has long remained rhetorical. But he also found a completely objective answer.

Woman - photoWoman - photo

American scientists conducted a study in which 850 women participated and came to the conclusion that for complete happiness, women need very simple things. Experts conducted a survey among the fair sex of different age categories and professions and found out what makes a woman happy.

1. Slimming

The favorite on the list was the news about losing weight. No matter how trite it may seem, but the lowered arrow on the scales can make many ladies happy. Especially if others noticed the results of losing weight and did not hesitate to report it. Even the thought that you can get rid of extra pounds makes a woman happier.

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2. Shopping

Successful and economical shopping can also make every woman happy. According to studies, shopping and wardrobe upgrades can significantly improve the mood of all women.

3. Flowers

A beautiful bouquet of flowers can delight every woman, especially if the flowers were presented by a beloved man. And if the flowers are presented without a special reason, then the hormones of happiness can go off scale doubly.

A woman is given flowers - photoA woman is given flowers - photo

Next on the list of things that can make women happy are wishes such as ordering food at home and the opportunity to drink a glass of wine during dinner.

Previously, scientists from New Zealand conducted a similar study and found that women feel happy if men give in to them in an argument and they have the final say.


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