Men are extremely inattentive to the appearance of their companions. They may not notice a new hairstyle, an exquisite manicure, and they may not pay attention to the trendy sandals bought yesterday.

However, representatives of the stronger sex, as a rule, cannot remain indifferent to the ladies’ underwear.

Today, “Lisa” will tell you about four personality types that psychologists have identified by analyzing the attitude of men to women’s bras and panties.


These guys are supporters of everything traditional. They are unfamiliar with garments such as jumpsuits, bodysuits, or thongs. Conservatives want to see classic white or beige underwear on their partner.


These men want to try absolutely everything in life. In underwear, they understand much better than women and are happy to take part in the selection of an intimate wardrobe.


He is absolutely not interested in what kind of underwear his beloved wears. He can hardly remember the color of her panties, let alone the model.


I am sure that comfort should be the main criterion when choosing intimate items of clothing. The main thing is that a woman feel comfortable, and everything else does not matter!