Men are good at female humor, but there are a number of jokes that annoy them. Even seemingly the most innocent humor can eventually cause offense, and even worse, become the cause of an unnecessary quarrel. There are simply topics that you should not laugh at in the presence of a man. What kind of jokes are best avoided in a conversation with your soulmate.

Man and woman laughing - photoMan and woman laughing - photo

1. Hair jokes

Many men lose their hair at a fairly young age and, of course, are very worried about premature bald patches. Try not to joke about this topic if you notice the first signs of baldness in your loved one.

2. Joke about size

In the presence of men, never use the word “small” when it comes to manhood. Representatives of the stronger sex react too painfully to such statements, and even more so if notes of humor on this delicate topic slip through your statements.

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3. Mother-in-law jokes

His mother should not be the object of your humor. Even if he himself from time to time he himself makes fun of his own mother. But you’d better never do that.

4. Salary jokes

If you even jokingly tell your chosen one that he earns too little, he will conclude that you consider him a loser. You will definitely never be forgiven for this. It is important for a man to see and feel your support, not reproaches, even if they sound joking.

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5. Cooking jokes

Agree, your beloved does not pamper you too often with culinary masterpieces. It is worth making a joke about his signature dish, and your partner will never help you in the kitchen again. Encourage initiative and do not skimp on laudatory praises so that a man always has a desire to surprise and make surprises.

6. Gift jokes

It may seem that a man absolutely does not care what to give you. However, in reality this is not the case. Your chosen one puts his whole soul into presents for you and, as a rule, expects all kinds of praise, not barbs.

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7. His dreams

Laughing at the dreams of another person, and even more so of a loved one, is cruel. What you thought was complete nonsense may turn out to be the meaning of his life.


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