Winter is not yet a reason to lock yourself up in four walls for three months and spend evenings in the company of a warm blanket and hot tea.

“Liza” to share with you ideas for romantic dates during the winter magic and Christmas miracles.


Take advantage of the fact that there is snow on the street and puddles are frozen – invite your chosen one to an open-air skating rink. And so that your teeth do not chatter from the cold, dress warmly and take a thermos with hot tea or mulled wine.

Fairs and shops

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas, every shopping center and store turns into the home of Santa Claus. Elegant Christmas trees, bright balls, New Year’s tinsel … Invite a man to go together for holiday presents – it will be fun! By the way, according to preferences in gifts, one can judge the character of a person.


A winter photo shoot on the street is not only positive emotions, beautiful memorable photos, but, of course, a great chance to become even closer, helping each other warm up with all your might.

By the fireplace

Quiet crackling of burning wood in the fireplace, pleasant music, fragrant dinner at an impromptu table on the floor… Such a pleasure is available only in the cold season!

Horse rides

If you need to get an adrenaline rush, choose a horse ride through a snowy forest for a winter date. Can’t ride horses? An instructor will help you learn horseback riding!