The chief physician of the Center for the Study of Eating Disorders Maxim Sologub spoke about the myths associated with anorexia, RIAMO reports.

During a conversation with correspondents of the agency, the psychotherapist refuted the widespread belief that anorexia is the result of improper upbringing or a desire to follow fashion standards. According to him, the prerequisites for this disease are primarily physiological.

The doctor noted that in 2019, scientists deciphered the genome of several hundred thousand people with an eating disorder. In their genes, clear loci associated with this disease have been found.

“That is, the predisposition to anorexia is genetic,” the specialist emphasized.

According to him, high emotional sensitivity, increased attention to detail and a violation of the system of regulation of satiety and hunger can lead to anorexia.

The psychiatrist explained that when these three factors coincide, the likelihood that a person will develop anorexia is about 70%.

At the same time, he emphasized that the influence of society in this matter also cannot be ignored, since early anorexia is caused by the social environment, and the weight loss industry and advertising of various diets acts as the main provocateur.

However, anorexia cannot develop only because of the fear of getting better, the specialist notes.

“Anorexia is one of the few mental disorders that can lead to death,” Sologub recalled.

Earlier, endocrinologist Olga Nechaeva also talked about ways to maintain ideal weight. According to her, dieting can lead to serious diseases, and a comfortable way to lose weight is to change your diet.