It would seem that during the first period of falling in love or the so-called “rose-colored glasses period”, you had to try all the sexiest corners of your apartment, and nearby establishments. However, you can experiment endlessly, there would be passion and desire. But still there are several unusual places, once in which you will understand that you will not get out of there dry.

Perhaps our list of the most unusual places for sex can replenish and diversify your sexual experience, which we will be very happy about.

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In the back seat of a taxi, it is worth trying to have sex, or peting everyone at least once, since the realization that you can be seen, suspect, inflames both very much.

If this is your first time having sex in a taxi, you should start by stroking each other’s erogenous zones, or something hotter. Feel yourself and your partner, as well as how comfortable it will be for you to caress each other in front of a taxi driver. If everything is in order with this, then do not hesitate, you can proceed to more decisive actions. Taxi drivers are accustomed to this, and will not particularly mind.


It would seem that all the places have already been tried in the apartment, but some still forget about the windowsill. This not particularly remarkable place can greatly warm up the ardor of your partner and you next, as extreme sports, the proportion of veil and rigidity will lead to ecstasy for both.

Before you try this place, prepare it. Throw in a few pillows, straighten the curtains, or vice versa connect to create the impression of intimacy. You can also open the window so that during an orgasm, not only your partner, but also all the neighbors can enjoy your loud outburst of emotions.

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Phone booth

It is better to have sex in a telephone booth in the evening, under the light of the stars. This is the case when the fear that you might be taken by surprise sets fire to the ardor of both even more.

You can also play a role-playing game while you are there. You, in the role of an innocent girl, who is talking with her friend on the phone, tugging at Chupa Chups in her mouth, and your beloved in the role of a maniac. This role-playing game is very exciting, and causes a storm of new sensations.


Sometimes museums are not so fun, but how we would like to have fun! Therefore, you can sharply pull your concentrated man out of the crowd of the excursion, and head to where there are the least people, and the most large and convex exhibits to hide behind. Believe me, your beloved will be satisfied with such an excursion, and will scroll through this picture in his sexual fantasies for a long time to come.

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