To feel desirable and attractive, it is vital for a woman to flirt. Staying on top of dealing with those who are trying to win your heart is pretty easy. But what if you have another task before you – to conquer the man first? Nerves and embarrassment prevent you from using all your charm. How not to lose your head and make a good impression on a potential partner? We will help you avoid major mistakes!

Top 10 female mistakes in flirting - photoTop 10 female mistakes in flirting - photo

Mistake #1. To think that a man knows what you like

Are you sure that handsome man at the next table knows how you feel because you look stunning? Alas, it is not. You will have to be the first to attract his attention and demonstrate the location. A sincere smile and eye contact for 3-5 seconds will be enough to signal.

Mistake #2. Being too confident or rude

If you have a shy gentleman in front of you, try to keep your temperament. Do not show that you are stronger and more relaxed. When communicating with a confident man, do not be rude. Often girls make this mistake because it gives them confidence. Such behavior will scare anyone away.

Mistake #3. Laugh all the time

Mistakes in flirtingMistakes in flirting

A sense of humor can compensate for many of the shortcomings of a partner. But do not go too far and laugh at his every word. Especially if the story doesn’t actually seem funny to you. You will look unnatural, and your partner will feel insincerity.

Mistake #4. Rely on alcohol

A glass of wine can really brighten up the evening. Moreover, in moderation, alcohol helps to relax and gives self-confidence. Keep the situation under control: one extra glass – and your face no longer looks fresh, facial expressions become too harsh, and your tongue slurs. Bad habits have never made anyone more attractive.

Mistake #5. Show excessive interest

How not to flirtHow not to flirt

Ask questions and listen to the interlocutor. But don’t pretend to be delighted with every word and ready to throw yourself on his neck right now. Be yourself.

Mistake #6. lie

Lying can destroy a relationship at any stage. Think for yourself: greatly embellishing reality, you will be forced to support this lie always. Is it worth it to start acquaintance with deception? After all, you want the satellite to fall in love with you, and not with fictional success stories.

Mistake #7. Flirt only online

What not to do on a date - photoWhat not to do on a date - photo

Yes, it is much easier to maintain the image of a charming and mysterious young lady on the Internet. However, do not overplay, otherwise you will avoid real meetings. Be real even online: then when you meet a man will not be disappointed.

Mistake #8. Chase

You should not spend too much time on the page on the social network of a potential gentleman. And certainly you should not be constantly interested in his plans for the evening, comment on each entry and rush to be the first to like the photo. You risk being intrusive.

Mistake #9. Pretend you like what he likes

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Even such an innocent lie will not do good. Are you ready for the rest of your life to listen to music that you don’t really like, read books that don’t interest you at all, and eat food that doesn’t suit your taste? Don’t pretend to share his views. Suddenly, when you finally tell the truth, he does not want to continue the relationship?

Mistake #10. Be impregnable

You don’t have to demonstrate your recognition in every possible way, but you don’t need to show absolute indifference either. A man may think that he is really not interested in you, and go in search of another.