Psychologists have found out what mistakes the fair sex makes at the beginning of an affair with a man. Details in the article!


Sex on the first date

A man who has easily achieved his primary goal is unlikely to be interested in developing relationships further. Let the first night of love be his reward for the efforts he will make to win your heart.


Do not rush to open your soul to your new chosen one. He must feel the riddle in you and try to solve it.

Calls and messages

Don’t call him more than once a day and don’t bombard him with cute text messages. If you take the initiative in your own hands, the man will quickly relax.

Mobile phone

Curiosity and jealousy make you check a man’s phone every time he leaves the gadget unattended? This is simply unethical.

Simulate pleasure

Why do you need a man whose intimacy does not bring you pleasure? Do not amuse his pride – think about yourself!

Educational work

It is almost impossible to re-educate an adult. Already at the first meetings, try to consider the main shortcomings of your acquaintance, and decide whether you can accept him as he is.

Personal space

A man should become part of your world, not its center. You should not concentrate all your attention on your partner, forgetting about yourself.