Homemade pickles should not be included in the daily menu due to their high content of salt, sugar and vinegar. This opinion was expressed in an interview with RT by the gastroenterologist of the Hemotest laboratory Ekaterina Kashukh.

According to the expert, excess salt can lead to water retention and edema, which will adversely affect the functioning of the kidneys, and ultimately can lead to urolithiasis. In addition, an increased concentration of salt will negatively affect the condition of the blood vessels.

Kashuh noted that marinades with vinegar and citric acid can exacerbate digestive problems. She categorically did not recommend adding aspirin to prescriptions because of the side effects of this drug.

The doctor noted that some homemade preparations may, on the contrary, be useful. For example, the processing benefits of tomatoes are increasing, as the proportion of lycopene they contain is only growing.

Earlier, the Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety told how to properly store hand-made homemade canned vegetables.