Oncologist, national representative in the European Society of Oncologists ENYGO Anton Ilyin listed the most unhealthy oils, and also explained why frying in oil is the most harmful way of cooking, Gazeta.ru reports.

Ilyin noted that at high temperatures, many healthy vegetable oils turn into harmful trans fats that cannot be broken down and absorbed by the body. They also become a source of oncological, cardiovascular, inflammatory and endocrine diseases.

According to the oncologist, in order to protect yourself, you need to pay attention to the “smoke point”. This is the temperature at which different types of oils begin to smoke. As Ilyin notes, it is at this moment that the oil begins to “reborn into trans fats.”

At the same time, according to the doctor, the paradox lies in the fact that the lowest smoke point is observed precisely in those oils that are considered the most useful in salads.

According to the expert, one of the safest oils for frying is ghee, well-refined butter. The second place in this indicator is occupied by refined coconut oil. The third place is occupied by refined sunflower oil.

At the same time, Ilyin emphasized that unrefined fragrant sunflower oil for frying should not be used at all.

Also, according to him, you can safely fry in refined olive oil, mustard oil and rice bran oil, as well as avocado, almond and hazelnut oils.

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