How to determine the character of a potential husband by … his socks?

This significant wardrobe detail can tell you a lot about his inner world.


Black socks, PhotoBlack socks, Photo

Does a man always wear classic black socks? He is either a conservative or an economical comrade – it depends on the degree of deterioration. If the color has faded from many washes, he is clearly not one of those who throw money. Rather, on the contrary, he prefers to get by with a minimum. Which is not so bad! True, he will choose gifts for his half on the principle of “inexpensive and practical.”
If the socks were clearly recently bought, then you are a rationalist and a supporter of the classics. He is in no hurry to make decisions, but, having made a choice, he will not refuse it. If you offer a hand and a heart, then it’s forever!

Reliable man

Striped socks, PhotoStriped socks, Photo

Laconic geometric patterns (stripes, rhombuses) indicate the balanced and calm nature of their owner, who has clear ideas about life. You can always negotiate with such a person. In company, he usually keeps a low profile, but listens carefully to the conversation in order to insert his weighty word. And if the situation requires it, he can be both a joker and a leader.

Athletic man

White socks, PhotoWhite socks, Photo

If your acquaintance is a broad-shouldered guy in white socks and sneakers, there is no need to guess: he is probably a fan of sports and a healthy lifestyle. If you want to be with him, get ready to change your habits: meet the dawn on a treadmill and spend your evenings in the gym (no donuts in front of the TV!). If your admirer is still growing and growing to an athlete, and white socks peek out from under his trousers, then you have a self-confident, ambitious fellow who, in general, does not care what others think of him. But this does not mean that he will not reckon with you. Well, except that he can shirk from household duties …

Original and funny

Multicolored socks, PhotoMulticolored socks, Photo

It is easy to guess that the owner of such bright multi-colored socks definitely does not belong to the gray mass. This is an outstanding personality who sees the world in bright colors. You will not get bored with him in the company: he knows an incredible number of anecdotes and amazing stories. But in family life it can be quite difficult with him: his decisions are sometimes so bold, and his actions are so extraordinary that a woman who is used to thinking traditionally and seeing a man as the head of the family and breadwinner cannot understand him …


Socks with polka dots, PhotoSocks with polka dots, Photo

Bears or bunnies, peas or stars … It seems that in front of you is just a sissy? Perhaps his mother bought him socks … Or maybe your chosen one is a creative person, and such an original wardrobe detail is part of his image. But how do you know who he is? Offer the man to change his socks. The sissy will probably get worried, and the creative will easily agree – he is always happy to experiment.

Editor’s advice. What if you notice a small hole in the toe? You can, of course, accuse the guy of slovenliness. But perhaps a good man simply lacks female attention. Take him under your wing! 🙂

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