The human body can be a real barometer. So, it signals a change in the weather (knees ache, joints twist), a change in pressure (headache, weakness). It can also tell about approaching stress. What signals does it do, told Candidate of Medical Sciences, psychotherapist, founder of the psychosomatic clinic Artem Tolokonin.

“Bodily intuition is the ability of a person to receive information about the world around him, bypassing logic and the usual six senses: taste, sight, smell, touch, hearing and a sense of balance. This is the ability to recognize the physical sensations of the body and interpret them correctly, ”says the specialist.

Rapid pulse

In a state of stress, a person’s heart rate increases. This reaction indicates that the body feels threatened. At the same time, nothing in what is happening may not demonstrate danger. As a result, many are confused: why they felt uncomfortable out of the blue, says psychotherapist Tolokonin.

“This phenomenon has been scientifically confirmed by Ph.D. Barnaby Dunnom. In his experiment, subjects played cards. Moreover, the doctor had shuffled the decks in advance so that only some of them had winning combinations. A special sensor recorded that the heart rate of the study participants quickened when they approached the losing decks. At the same time, outwardly, they remained completely calm and did not know which deck they were taking. Thus, at the level of the body, intuition tried to warn them about stress, ”says Artem Tolokonin.

Sweating palms

In such a disease as excessive sweating of the hands, of course, there are physiological causes. But in some cases, this reaction of the body indicates factors that are not captured by the human consciousness. The body at this moment is trying to warn the person.

“At one time, this was proven by scientists from the University of Iowa. They also conducted an experiment with cards, shuffling the decks in a similar way to the previous study. Experts measured the level of sweating in the palms of the subjects and found that it increased if a person got 10 or more bad cards in a row. Such body signals were aimed at warning a person about a trick and a loss even before he understood and realized it, ”explains Tolokonin.

double vision

In this phenomenon, such an expression as “Go wherever your eyes look” is fully revealed. For example, people say that they had no idea where they were going, but in the end they got where they needed to go. Some people chalk it up to luck. But there is also a scientific justification for the ability to navigate in an unfamiliar space.

“So, director of the FMRI research center at Columbia University Medical Center Joy Hirsch As a result of the study, an interesting pattern was revealed. Namely, that the human brain reacts to those faces that express fear. And it can even be an instant of 0.033 seconds. But the brain still captures this information and leaves it in the subconscious. Thus, a person unconsciously uses a huge database of everything he sees and avoids erroneous directions of movement, ”explains Artem Tolokonin.