Every girl dreams of finding her soul mate.

If all your friends are already married, and your “prince on a white horse” is delayed somewhere, it’s time to do some magic.

Perhaps comic Simoron rituals will help you bring your meeting with your future spouse closer!

traffic light

For this ritual, you need to get a pair of red shoes or boots. It is better that the shoes are of high quality – it directly depends on what the husband will be like.

First, put your shoes in order – wash them and clean them. Then put your shoes in front of you and talk to her like she understands you. Tell the boots that you charged them with the energy of love, so now they will be a great magnet for potential suitors.

After that, hang your shoes on the balcony, so that they can be clearly seen. Happiness will not take long!

Individual order

On a piece of red paper, write what kind of relationship you dream of and describe the young man you would like to see as your spouse. It must be stated in the present tense. Remember, the more details, the better.

Put the finished letter in an envelope and throw it in the mailbox. You can carry the “order” with you and even reread it sometimes.


Carrots are not only very useful, but also a magical vegetable. He has a unique ability to attract love. To meet your betrothed as soon as possible, add an orange beauty to all the dishes you eat. Make friends with carrots and they will give you true love!