A real lady always has her own principles, and one of them is not to mess with married men.

However, male representatives often hide their marital status. How to determine whether your new admirer is married or not, “Lisa” will tell!

  • Pay attention to his hands, namely to the place where the wedding ring is usually located. Even if the man took it off, a pale mark will be visible on the finger.
  • During your meetings, does he often go to the toilet, take a smoke break or talk on the phone? Try calling him after 10 pm – if the phone is off, your partner most likely has another woman.
  • As soon as the man leaves on business, leaving the mobile unattended, dial his number from your phone and see how you are signed. If instead of your name or affectionate nickname you see “electrician” or “dentist”, your gentleman is clearly hiding something.
  • It’s also worth thinking about the sincerity of the fan’s words if, staying overnight in your apartment, he turns off the phone “so that no one bothers you.”
  • A married man will not be able to spend the night with you every other day. He can go home, even if he just forgot to feed the cat. In addition, “ringed” guys do not invite girls to their place.
  • The chosen one rarely comes into view on weekends and still hasn’t introduced you to his friends? Perhaps he does not want to advertise your relationship for some serious reason …
  • Give your partner an intimate gift, like lingerie or a keychain with your initials. Did the man leave it on the couch, pretending to forget about the souvenir? There is reason to take a closer look at it!