Stylist Yulia Litvinenko told which hat to choose if you don’t want to look older than your age, what is wrong with astrakhan fur coats, why it is better to forget fishnet sweaters forever and what colors of clothes steal our youth.

1. Hats with decor

Knitted hats with huge bows, flowers and other decor will add you 10 years maximum. In general, this is a very dubious accessory. In my opinion, it is not suitable for either young or older ladies. If you want flowers (by the way, this is a current trend), let them be on a choker, belt, bracelet, but not on a headdress. A win-win option is a beanie hat made of any material (cashmere, mohair, etc.).


2. Embossed scarves

In the autumn-winter season, you can’t do without a scarf, but again, you need to choose it wisely. Give preference to plain models, let flowers, leaves and other “decorations” remain in the past. Tassels have the right to exist, the main thing is that they do not resemble elements of curtains.

Some time ago, the idea was popular that a scarf and a hat should not be a set, but separate from each other. I wouldn’t follow this rule. Firstly, because the set is ideal in those cases when time is running out, and secondly, such pairs look very organic. So why reinvent the wheel?

3. Russian-style scarves

By itself, this accessory is very good if you know how to style it correctly. Feel the difference when you wear this scarf with a black men’s coat or when you pair it with a mink coat. The last option frankly gives mothballs. Do you want to wear a scarf in the Russian style? Wear in good health, but think about serving.


4. Astrakhan coats

Astrakhan fur coats rarely come in actual styles, usually when you look at them you are immediately transported to the times of the Soviet Union. In general, natural fur has long been supplanted by eco-materials. Today, manufacturers have succeeded so much that artificial fur coats look like natural ones and are in no way inferior to them in terms of warmth.


5. Outerwear in burgundy, marsh and purple

Winter paints few people, the skin becomes pale, and if you choose outerwear in dark green, purple or burgundy, there is a high risk of aggravating the situation. Of course, not only they can visually age you, so carefully examine your wardrobe and figure out the “enemy”, perhaps it will be some favorite coat or fur coat.

6. Sheath dress with peplum

Whatever color this model has, it will make its mistress a real “old lady”, the check print is especially good at this task! Another dubious story is flounces on the hips or on the hem.

It is better to choose clear lines and rich textures, but not decorative elements, leave the latter for young ladies.

7. Fishnet sweaters

Oh, those fishnet sweaters, but on a naked body, when everyone around sees your bra. There is nothing youthful and even more sexual in this.

Now there are so many sweaters of any texture, why voluntarily put on these “holes”? For those who want to show off their figure or cleavage, V-neck models are suitable.


8. Skirts of the wrong length

Pencil skirt to the middle of the knee is another trap, especially if the legs are far from ideal. In this case, fashionable trousers or a skirt of an unusual cut, but midi lengths, pleated models will also look much more organic (the folds themselves should be of medium size). Do not show the flaws of your body.

9. Cropped jackets

Cropped jacket a la Chanel made of tweed, with interesting buttons, edging is a good option for all time, which suits women of any age. But! There are also shortened models, I would even say short ones, not made of tweed, and they look very sad. There must be freedom of movement and air between the fabric and the body, rely on this rule when choosing a jacket.