Recent internet surveys have revealed some interesting facts about what genders are looking for online.

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It turned out that beautiful ladies are interested in things related to the family, children and household, while the representatives of the stronger sex ask on the Internet for everything related to technology and sports.

So, the most popular female queries are “child”, “children”, “recipe”, while men most often enter the words “torrent”, “android” and “windows” into the search bar.

The leader in male queries was “porn” – the explanation for this fact is the higher sexual activity of the stronger sex. By the way, not only bachelors are fond of watching porn videos, but also married men or those who have a permanent partner.

But for women, the popularity rating for queries on the network is headed by cat topics: ladies are looking not only for information about cats, but also for photos and videos with kittens and cats.

Interestingly, among women’s queries, there are almost no names and brands, while for men such queries make up more than a third of the total. But ladies, unlike the stronger sex, often use the names of various colors and shades.

One of the surprises is the fact that women more often use the word “tie” in queries, although they themselves practically do not wear this accessory. This can be explained by the fact that it is women who buy ties for their husbands and loved ones.

It was also a surprise that women are a little more likely than men to type the word “barbecue” in the search box. Although barbecue cooking is usually a male prerogative, women are more often involved in organizing picnics, and ladies are more interested in various culinary subtleties and novelties than the stronger sex.

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