They lived happily ever after… This is how fairy tales often end. But in reality, family life is accompanied by many different problems, and some of them seem insoluble. How to understand in what situations it is necessary to change something in the relationship in order to save the marriage, and in what situations it is better to divorce?


[dropcap]ABOUT[/dropcap]deceived trust

One of the most common reasons for divorce is infidelity. There is an opinion that betrayals are divided into physical and spiritual, and the former are not so harmful to marriage. But deceived wives are not too reassured by this theory.
They are hurt by the very fact of infidelity and the thought that the spouse has neglected trust and destroyed the atmosphere of intimacy by sharing the bed with another. However, the decision to divorce is not easy. After all, often this news falls on a woman like a bolt from the blue, and only very proud and self-sufficient natures are able to immediately break off relations.

Therefore, there are usually two types of reactions:
● A psychological defense mechanism is triggered: a woman begins to convince herself and those around her that a man is polygamous by nature and all husbands cheat on their wives. This allows her to get rid of mental discomfort and again believe that her family is no worse than others. And yet … come to terms with possible new betrayals of a partner.
● A woman reconsiders her attitude to marriage: pushes feelings into the background, and puts material aspects and the opportunity to raise children in a complete family in the foreground.
Unfortunately, both are rarely happy. If you believe that you love each other and both want to save the marriage, forgive and forget. Can not? Then think about whether you are ready to spend your whole life as a victim.

[dropcap]To[/dropcap]conflicts with parents
Jokes about son-in-law and mother-in-law and hard-hitting sayings about mother-in-law are not just a genre of folk art. Rather, it is a clear demonstration of how cohabitation with parents can ruin family life. Rather than spend huge efforts on establishing relations with her husband’s relatives, it is better to direct this energy to solving the housing problem. Even renting a house or a mortgage is not such a high price for family happiness.
If there are disagreements with the mother-in-law, do not demand from the husband that he be in solidarity with you. And in no case do not prove to him that your mother is right. Be both on the same side, your side, not someone else’s.

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]growing pains
As they say, to be the wife of a general, one must marry a lieutenant. But sometimes a man, having achieved success, begins to look down on his wife, who put a lot of effort into making his career calm. There are also reverse situations when a woman ceases to be interested in a husband who has lagged behind her. And sometimes both spouses are so absorbed in work that they forget about each other. To save a marriage:
● Be sincerely interested in your husband’s affairs, even if he is a specialist in nanotechnology, in which you do not understand at all. Don’t let your husband think, “Why tell her something? She still won’t understand.”
● When choosing between the interests of the family and the requirements of the profession, always give preference to the first.

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]love is gone
It would seem that this says it all and it is most logical to get a divorce. However, the interests of the children, an established life, the habit of being together or strong ties between the two clans of relatives and friends do not allow breaking off relations. But when thinking about divorce, one must discard everything and be guided solely by selfish considerations. If you are satisfied that you and your husband have become good neighbors over time, there is nothing wrong with that. Doubt whether to leave? So it’s not time yet. But if you fell in love with another, then why not give yourself a chance to be happy again?

About 20% of couples who want to have children face medical problems. Sometimes they have to be solved for years, without guarantees of success, and not everyone can withstand this test. It is especially difficult for those couples in which one of the spouses is healthy. He has to wait patiently and experience constant disappointment, knowing that with another partner, he most likely could have become a parent a long time ago. In this case, you need to decide: do you need your common and at the same time your own child? Adoption can also bring the joy of motherhood and fatherhood and save your marriage.

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