Leave or continue to endure and forgive? It is difficult to find a woman who would never ask such a question. Let’s talk about situations where a man doesn’t deserve a second chance!



There is a huge difference between greed and economy. If a man does not tip the waiters, reproaches you for every purchase and is ready to make a scandal, not having received 10 kopecks for change, it is better to part with him. With a notorious miser, you are unlikely to be happy!

Doesn’t keep promises

The promises of your chosen one never come true? That’s a good reason to show him the door. A woman should feel that she can always rely on her beloved.


You can forgive him betrayal as much as you like, hoping that this will not happen again, but a womanizer is a womanizer. How to build relationships further if a man cannot be trusted?

Friends are more important

Friends or family? Sooner or later, every member of the stronger sex faces such a difficult choice. Common sense dictates that the latter should top the list of priorities. If your partner is the opposite, you and him are not on the way.

little attention

Relationships develop only when both partners work on them. Do you often receive flowers and hear affectionate words from your beloved? If you do not feel desired and irreplaceable, it’s time to look for a person who will truly appreciate you.

Doesn’t want kids

Ask your chosen one if he wants you to become the mother of his children? If not, do not connect your life with this man, because it will be very difficult for you to overcome your maternal instinct.