Highly processed foods like chips, cookies, ice cream, french fries and others can be as addictive as tobacco. Addiction magazine writes about this, citing psychologists from the University of Michigan and Virginia Tech.

As a basis, they took the criteria from the report of the US Surgeon General in 1988, in which he found that tobacco is addictive. Now, American psychologists have found that highly processed foods meet all criteria.

Psychologists note that the addiction can be so strong that people cannot refuse processed foods even in the face of life-threatening diseases. From the report it follows that food can affect the well-being and mood of a person on a par with tobacco.

Earlier, environmentalist Valentin Romanovsky spoke about hazardous substances that may be contained in water. He recommended that urban residents periodically check the level of iron and chlorine contained in the water. At the same time, people living in rural areas should pay attention to nitrates, which can enter the water after fertilizing the soil.