In what cases should you refuse to use such a fermented milk product as cottage cheese, said consultant on weight correction and eating behavior, nutritionist, member of the Supreme Expert Council of the Department of Longevity and Quality of Life of the Academy of Social Technologies Anna Makarova.

“Cottage cheese is a versatile dairy product that is included in the five recommended food groups as a source of protein. No wonder bodybuilders eat it before bed to provide their muscles with casein, which is digested for a long time and nourishes the muscles with amino acids, ”says the specialist.

What to pay attention to?

When choosing cottage cheese, first of all, pay attention to fat content, as well as high salt content in some types – all this is written on the product label. The best choice would be cottage cheese with 2-5 percent fat. It is this indicator that provides a compromise between nutritional value, calorie content and taste, which largely depends on the presence of fat in the product.

“One serving of cottage cheese is about 100-150 grams. It is safe to eat cottage cheese once a day, even every day, if you have no contraindications, ”notes Anna Makarova.

Who can’t?

As for restrictions, if you are too sensitive to lactose and experience discomfort from cottage cheese, you do not need to eat large portions of it, the nutritionist warns. And if you are allergic to milk proteins, you will have to give up not only cottage cheese, but also all dairy products.

Special attention should be paid to the glycemic index of cottage cheese. True, this is true for people with type 2 diabetes. But healthy people should not be afraid of this index, since statements about its importance in this case have not been scientifically proven, notes Anna Makarova.

For people with kidney disease, there is a limit on the amount of cottage cheese (as well as other protein products). This is due to the fact that for them there are general recommendations for limiting protein in the diet, the specialist warns.