You will surely agree that it is better to prevent a breakup than to say goodbye to your loved one forever.

What changes in relationships are warning signs that trouble is near, but relationships can still be saved by paying attention to them? Top 5 from “Liza”!

Nothing to talk about

In the evenings, you watch TV, read the news on social networks, play computer games and do not talk at all. The question “How are you?” has been on duty for a long time. What your partner will answer to him is no longer of interest to you.

Lack of trust

There was an acute desire to rummage through his mobile phone? Yesterday, while your loved one was taking a shower, did you check his messages on the social network? You subconsciously feel that this man no longer deserves your trust.


You lose your temper every time he forgets to lower the toilet seat, leaves his toothbrush on the washbasin, snores … But before, you simply did not notice these habits of the chosen one.

Loud quarrels

You often speak in raised tones. When a young man addresses you in an affectionate tone, you cannot answer him in the same way, but you break down again.

Don’t want to go home

Weekends you spend with friends, and on weekdays you stay up late in the office. Most likely, the reason is that you do not want to spend time with a man.