There are quite specific signs of male attractiveness, and some men successfully imitate them, seeking the favor of the weaker sex.

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Even if a man is not handsome or rich, he can be sexually attractive to most women if he understands how these signs work.

What is it about a man’s behavior that attracts women?

1. A man must demonstrate his active “beginning” to a woman, while allowing the woman to remain passive.


And for this it is not necessary to pour mountains of “gold” at her feet, the external confidence and activity that he demonstrates will tell the woman that she is an alpha male.

2. Quite an ordinary guy who acts confidently, gives flowers, sweets, invites to the cinema, makes a woman feel like a woman.

She feels the active masculine yang giving a cognitive massage to her feminine yin.

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A woman feels that she is being pursued, influenced, possessed.

3. “A man is a violinist, and a woman is a violin, from which he, thanks to his talent and skill, with the help of his bow, extracts enchanting sounds”, I.Kon.

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This is what makes a woman feminine.

4. Women are turned on by an active, confident man, because next to him, she can afford to remain weak.

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At this time, she feels protected and can confidently open up to meet what is happening.

The passivity of a man pushes away from him into a woman!

Here, the polarity of passivity and activity manifests itself in a simplified way as the ability to protect and the need for protection: you are either a protector, or you are looking for a place behind the shield of a protector.

Some couples are quite satisfied with the relationship when the man is under the heel (behind the woman’s shield).

There may be mixed models of relationships, even in the same couple, but in different planes of life. For example, quite often there are couples where a man who is active at work (a responsible leader) takes a passive position at home and gives the reins of power to his wife.

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But this concerns, rather, home arrangements, questions of choice, where to spend money and where to send children to study, the general vector of the direction of development of relations. And in terms of sexual attractiveness, a woman, although quite often already can afford to take the initiative, without prejudice to her reputation, still seeks to find a man in the deep layers of her subconscious who will “lead” her, possess and own her.

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