“Male Sunset”

It is believed that after 40 years, a slow “male decline” begins. There is some truth in this, but only a fraction. The extent to which a man is ready for sex after 50 years depends largely on how he spent the previous years. On the one hand, someone who does not have sex regularly, who smokes a lot and runs only to the nearest liquor store, and at the age of 30 can get acquainted with erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, a person who leads a healthy lifestyle and regular sex life can successfully continue it even at 70. Nevertheless, you can’t hide an awl in a bag: with age, all body functions fade away, the sexual one too. Therefore, age is considered a risk factor.

Not everything related to age, however, can be written as a minus. Yes, it takes a man more time to get into a “combat state” than in his youth. But a mature man is also able to make love much longer than a young man “with a burning gaze.” He is no longer so obsessed with his own penis and at the same time understands what a woman wants. Moreover, he knows how to achieve it. In addition, a man after 50, oddly enough, is more romantic. He pays more attention to lovemaking, in which he becomes inventive. This is the time when the understanding comes that the sexiest organ is not the penis. This is the brain.

In the last 15 years, sexologists have generally recorded a phenomenon that did not exist before. In developed countries, men aged 60-65 continue to have an active sex life, sometimes more intense than 30-year-olds. Either the successes of medicine are affecting, or earlier men of the “silver age” were embarrassed to ask about sex. In general, sex prolongs life. Most long-livers agree with this.