It often happens that you really look forward to the holiday, and when it comes, the festive mood disappears somewhere. In most cases, we ourselves are to blame.

valentine's dayvalentine's day

No, no, we are far from the idea that a woman is always to blame (we are generally more likely to agree with the opposite statement :). But let’s be honest: the problem of “she came up with it – she was offended” is familiar to everyone. Everyone. Firsthand.

So what can you do wrong on the most romantic day of the year.

He doesn’t realize himself

Women stubbornly think that the beloved man should guess all their desires. Oddly enough, even on Valentine’s Day, your boyfriend hasn’t magically learned to read your mind and select a gift according to your silent wishes.

Therefore, if you would like to receive something specific, voice your wishes in advance. And forget about hints – men are not sensitive and may simply not understand your hints – say directly what you would like to receive as a gift.

valentine's day mistakesvalentine's day mistakes

Gave not something – I was offended

If reality diverges from expectations, then resentment is a natural reaction to this situation.

However, sometimes you need to control yourself: a feeling of resentment can ruin the holiday. To prevent such a situation, see the previous paragraph – i.e. Discuss your wishes ahead of time.

If nothing can be corrected – the hints are not understood and not at all what you expected was bought – drown out the resentment in yourself and still act in accordance with the first paragraph, because next year will also be Valentine’s Day, and you have only one beloved. And if in all other respects there are no questions for him, he is for a long time. And all men have problems with gifts, we checked.

And Machine Petya gave her …

Psychologists, in principle, do not recommend comparing your man with others.

Moreover, this should not be done on Valentine’s Day! Nothing good will come of such talk. At best, your loved one will fall into aggression and irritation, and at worst, you risk being left without a boyfriend at all.

Experts believe that comparing your partner to other men is one of the most destructive actions in a romantic relationship. So if that’s not what you’re aiming for, treacherous woman, you’d better hold back. You can discuss who got what as a gift with your friends.

how to celebrate valentine's dayhow to celebrate valentine's day

Get ready for the holiday

The holiday itself will not come, and you should not rely on a partner.

Even in the USA, where this romantic day came from, according to statistics, more than 60% of men are not preparing for it.

What can we say about our representatives of the stronger sex, who have joined the global practice of celebrating Valentine’s Day for just a few years! It is better to take care of everything yourself, because the preparation and expectation of this day in itself create a festive and romantic mood.

Only double

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of lovers. Your Captain Obvious.

Therefore, it should not be held in a noisy company, but in an intimate romantic setting together with a lover (underlined in bold!)

It is better to turn off or put on silent mode all means of communication in order to enjoy each other’s company. Here you need not to overdo it and leave your loved one the opportunity to answer important SMS and work calls. Your excessive control over every call can ruin the atmosphere of the holiday and ruin a romantic evening.

Let’s just hope that your partner himself understands how important it is for you to be alone with him, and postpone work matters until tomorrow.

Don’t be afraid to be alone

On Valentine’s Day, single girls often feel uncomfortable, refuse to go for a walk, because there are couples everywhere. If you are one of those girls, we have bad news for you: do not limit yourself on this day simply because you do not have a partner. Relax and have fun with yourself! Go to a cafe, buy yourself those damn rolls or a cake, behave yourself in a movie – in short, do not deny yourself anything.

Summing up, let’s say once again about the main thing: do not get upset over trifles, create a holiday in your head and tune in to a wave of positive. Good luck – and the brightest Valentine’s Day to you!