It turns out that in order to build a strong relationship with a man, you need to know which of the five love languages ​​he speaks. Read more in the article!


The language of words of approval

If after the usual “thank you” your chosen one simply grows wings, most likely he communicates in the language of approval and praise. So that nothing overshadows your life, say compliments and words of gratitude to the man more often.

The language of quality time

Quality time is those thirty seconds when you are talking on the phone, those ten minutes when you are discussing plans for the weekend, those half an hour when you are replanting flowers together. A person who speaks the language of quality time prioritizes intimate communication.

The Language of Gifts

Is your partner madly happy with every trinket that he received from your hands? He perceives gifts as material symbols of love. Pamper your loved one with cute souvenirs at least once a week, and he will feel absolutely happy.

Touch language

Hugs, kisses, sex – this language is familiar to everyone without exception, and some only understand it. For those who communicate using the language of touch, physical contact helps to maintain an emotional connection with a loved one.

Service Language

Yesterday your spouse was offended by you for not having time to cook breakfast, and today – for not ironing your shirts? His language is service. Such a man will always demand that you look after him.