What if, due to circumstances, you have to transfer your relationship with your loved one to a new format – “love at a distance”? How to avoid cooling feelings?


Just yesterday you woke up in his arms and watched him wrinkle his nose in a dream when a random ray of sunlight hits your eyes, and today you are driving from the airport alone and crying in the back seat of a taxi. Many couples go through separations. In the modern world, there are often needs for distant and long trips, but if everything is serious with your loved one and your plans include “happily ever after”, it is worth making an effort so that during the time spent apart, you and your partner do not lose that aching happiness to be around.

Moreover, separation can be beneficial!

  • “… Having lost, crying”: this will help you re-evaluate the relationship. You may decide that when you had the luxury of seeing your loved one every day and spending so much time with him, you took it for granted, got annoyed over trifles. It is likely that you will think about what exactly you value in a partner – and in your feelings that his presence gives you.
  • While your loved one is far away, you have a lot of time for yourself. Right now you can go dancing or yoga, go in for sports or master the technique of striptease, learn how to cook new culinary masterpieces, read all the “100 Best Books of All Time” or … devote time and energy to those who now need help. The main thing: do not remain frozen, as if in amber, waiting for your man! It is important that you develop and grow, so that when he returns, he will find you an even more interesting and deep personality.

There is a contact!
The main difficulty of long-distance relationships is don’t become strangers by people Agree with your chosen one on a certain time that you will devote to each other regularly. Share with him your thoughts and feelings, achievements and problems, ask for his advice. Lively and active communication is a guarantee that both of you, busy with “their” lives, do not let the life of your soul mate out of sight and do not lose interest in each other.

romance in the studio
Psychologists advise bringing into relationships as much romance as possible even through phone calls, text messages and the Internet. Both of you have an amazing opportunity to write romantic letters to each other and send them by mail, order delivery of gifts and even arrange real video dates by candlelight via Skype. Show your imagination! Imagine that this is such a game and enjoy it.

Test of strength
There are few tests as strong on the strength of your relationship as the inability to see each other for a long time. If during the months of separation the flame of your relationship continues to burn calmly and evenly – this is a great sign! With such a person who you can trust without controlling him daily and nightly, and with whom you are connected by an invisible thread of sincere love, you can safely connect your life.

Unconditional Trust
On it is necessary to hire a private detective and suspect him of treason at every turn. If you really are a couple, then you must trust each other. What is loyalty? You chose your partner of free will. And you, respecting your choice, do not succumb to the temptations to spin romance with someone else. The same applies to your man. Do not torment yourself with jealousy, so as not to destroy your relationship.