This real life story, unfortunately, is familiar to more than one woman …

My love story began almost seven years ago. I was in 11th grade then. She matured, got prettier, began to pay attention to the boys, go to discos with her friends. One evening I met Maxim. He approached me first and asked me to dance. That piercing gaze, blue eyes and velvety voice… He intrigued me.

Experienced man

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So our communication began: at first, long telephone conversations, infrequent meetings. As it turned out, the young man is seven years older than me. It flattered me…
Then we got into a fight and didn’t talk for a while. But one day, by chance meeting, agreed. I was already a student then, but Maxim, as it turned out, after graduating from the university worked in another city and came on vacation to his parents. We walked together for a long time. And they talked and talked…
Maxim’s vacation is over, he returned to work. But we did not lose each other, constantly corresponded, called back. Twice a year, Maxim was given a vacation, and he came to me, hundreds of kilometers away. During this time, I became very attached to him. And soon I realized that I just can not live without him …

Bitter truth

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Experiencing love in separation is hard, but it’s so wonderful! You value every minute of communication, you want to say so much, but everything is clear without words … I was overwhelmed with emotions, I have never been as happy as at that time. I built castles in the air, dreamed of how to put on a wedding dress …
Spring came, and Maxim once again came on vacation. We walked along the embankment, talking about life, about our relationship. I don’t know why I asked him then: “Did you cheat on me?” After long hesitation, Maxim told me that he had a girlfriend in another city. His only excuse was: “Honey, but I’m being honest with you.”

Is it possible to start over?

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I looked beyond the horizon and tried my best to put a smile on my face. There were no emotions, life stopped … After that, we met one and only time. I said that our relationship no longer makes sense. I didn’t even begin to explain to Maxim that they didn’t do that, that he hurt me. That he played in love, and I loved … He would not understand. I hope understanding will come to him someday …
Then Maxim called, apologized, asked to be with him, start all over again, or at least remain friends. I didn’t want to hear it. I changed my phone number and tried to distract myself.
I still remember all those moments of happiness with him, and, probably, I will never forget. And I’m glad that the frankness of the former lover opened my eyes to him. For myself, I concluded that if I know how to love and can forgive, then I deserve happiness in this life!

Psychologist advice. What if love starts with a lie? Honesty is an essential condition of a love relationship. If there is a lie in them, mistrust arises. And it can destroy even the strongest and happiest unions.
If love begins with a lie, it is unlikely that much will change later. And it is happiness that the heroine found out the truth about her lover before creating a family with him. Statistics show that more than 50% of married women forgive infidelity to their husbands.

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