Is it possible to give a child an “adult” medicine if a child, for example, with an increase in temperature, was not at hand? told about this pediatrician, allergist-immunologist Anna Shulyaeva.

“Adult drugs can sometimes be given to children – it all depends on the situation and the type of remedy. First, you need to carefully read the instructions. If there is an age of up to 18 years in contraindications, children should not be given such a drug on their own in any case. It is also worth focusing on the age marks in the annotation and not breaking them. Secondly, it is possible to give a child an adult remedy if the dosage of the drugs is almost identical – what is in the remedy for minors, what is for adults, ”explains Anna Shulyaeva.

The specialist notes that usually in this case we are talking about drugs that can be dosed, for example, sprays, syrups, drops, tinctures – here the dosage varies due to the amount of the drug. For example, vitamin D. One drop contains 500 IU. For a child in such a situation, one drop is offered, while an adult can choose more, depending on the proposed dosage.

“In terms of pills, there is usually a tighter division between adult and pediatric dosages. It is important to consider here that there are drugs that are strictly prohibited for children – we are talking about drugs that have a toxic effect or an effect that slows down the growth and development of the child’s organs and systems. In these senses, they have practically no effect on an adult, ”says Anna Shulyaeva.

Also, drugs that have not been tested for use in children should not be used in children. This, as a rule, is also indicated in the instructions for the drug.

In general, it is better to coordinate all medications that are planned to be used in children with the attending physician. He prescribes drugs depending on the condition of the young patient and based on the data of his tests. It’s not worth taking risks on your own with adult funds, there are risks of harming the child.

Self-medication is unacceptable. There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a specialist