Many people try to find their soul mate on the Web. And some find and even successfully marry!

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Since you have decided to look for a serious relationship in this way, it is useful to know about the pros and cons of online dating, as well as the rules of behavior with virtual friends. Be aware: there is a high concentration of goonies on the Web. But at the same time…if you’re already there, why can’t there be another good person there?

Hunting features
Wide selection. Use a large circle of contacts to practice flirting. After all, we often forget how to flirt, flirt, so we cannot establish a personal life. Self-esteem falls, and the woman begins to think that she will remain an old maid. Let yourself flirt, play different roles on the Web. And when your self-esteem returns to normal, you will begin to communicate more seriously.

Compatibility criteria. In the online dating system, you can set the parameters for searching for a partner. Think carefully about them: is it really so important that you and a man have a similar education, you live in the same city, he did not have marriages before you? Do not draw up a sociological portrait, but write for yourself a list of what you want from a partner, and look for these matches while communicating with candidates. Believe me, a pearl is often found in the most unexpected places.
But in search of a man, do not forget about your self. Answer honestly what you can give to your partner, and what you are not ready to give up in life. And maybe your requirements for a man will change slightly.

Saving time. Correspondence on the Web allows you not to waste time on real meetings. But think: do you really need a man if you are not ready to find even an hour or two for live communication in your busy schedule? How do you get your loved one into your life? Review your schedule: perhaps it turns out that you do not take time for yourself, but are looking for a person who will love and take care of you? Start thinking about yourself, appreciating yourself – and men will be drawn to you.

This is disturbing…
1. “I am looking for a woman for a serious relationship”. Remember: a man only says this because you want to hear it. Although, in truth, you are also looking for a non-serious relationship, because you can’t wake up one day and understand: “That’s it, I need a relationship!” You can want something only in the process of communicating with a specific man: “I want to fall asleep and wake up with him, to be with him every minute.”

2. Studio photography. A man takes staged photos either for work (for example, for posting on the company’s website), or out of great love for himself. If this does not look like the first option (does not correspond to the profession that he claims), then most likely he is a narcissist.

3. No photo and refusal to send it. The man is probably afraid of being recognized. Not necessarily a wife. He may just be shy about this way of meeting women. Or he is not who he claims to be (a teenager, not an adult; a fat man, not an athlete). Exit – invite him to meet. If he refuses, then maybe we should end the correspondence?

4. Fixed time for communication. If a man always answers at about the same time – late at night or only at work (and after 19.00 there is not a single message), then he has a woman or a family.

5. Stories about unhappy love. They are designed for women – comforters of men (maternal instinct). If your friend tells how he was not appreciated and understood, think: do you need a husband or a boy? And if something happens, are you ready to become another “villain” who did not see him as a knight on a white horse?

6. Obscene expressions and frivolous hints. If the gentleman allows himself this, then he has quite certain views on you. In addition, he tries to portray himself as a tough macho, which he is not. Do you need one?

If you like one of the candidates, do not delay the first date, because it is impossible to understand by correspondence whether the person suits you or not. If a man does not want to meet, directly ask him about the reasons. If he starts to evade or postpone the date, then it is worth ending the relationship and not wasting time.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: every relationship is a new experience. Collect positive, learn from your mistakes and go forward with your head held high – and you will definitely meet someone with whom you will be happy.