“I have everything under control”

This is what a married man thinks when he takes a mistress.

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So he thinks when he goes on a date with her, in bed, on a joint trip, having driven his wife over the ears about a business trip.

“It’s just an adventure. Family is sacred

“I can end this relationship at any moment,” and he himself sincerely believes in this, until he understands: no, he cannot.

Everything gets out of control at some point.

Unhappy, he no longer controls anything, nothing depends on him.

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Now his role is a suitcase, and that woman will carry it, whose endurance will be stronger, and intuition – thinner. The one that will send him exactly at the moment when he really wants to return. He wants it as much as he’s ever wanted anything.

Staying in the family

He will think that nothing, in general, has changed: as the wife was a boring fool, so she remained.

Leaving for a mistress

He will see how his crystal romantic fantasy is broken on the tiles of a shared life, and the desired new woman farts in the same way as the wife who has set her teeth on edge. And even louder.

Main truth

You must learn: there are no problem-free relationships on the side. Any novel is always hemorrhoids.

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It will be bad not only for your wife and mistress, but also for you. First of all, you. Not ready for emotional throwing, lies, female tantrums? Do not look at a colleague or do not give yourself, at first glance, a harmless outlet on the social network.

If you are already stuck

It seems to you that what you feel now is that very true love, know that it is easy to love the one that you see little.

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Before you do anything about your wife, eat your pood of salt with your mistress

No, to escape together to the sea, or to live together for 4 days, while the wife drove off to her mother-in-law, is not a pound of salt.

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A pood of salt is something else. This is complete trust in a person, based not on your fantasies, but on his actions. Not in words.

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