Many unmarried girls want to find their soul mate and successfully marry. But not everyone knows how to charm a man on a first date, what kind of women men like and how to impress the long-awaited prince?

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An experienced specialist in the field of image and beauty will help us to understand these issues – Elena Shtogrina, image expert and founder of the School of Personal Image.

1. He hunts the prince on his nerves

To make a good impression on a man, make him admire you and, as a result, marry him, you need to start with the main thing – find a groom! How to find it? We catch the prince alive. Zhivets is you, you must be alive. Because now women are a little “sour”. So many ladies have become dull, and men do not like princesses who radiate deep sadness. Therefore, despite past disappointments and failures in your personal life, you should radiate joy and become the most charming and attractive for a potential husband.


2. Be beautiful!

What needs to be done for this? There are a large number of options for self-development – you can meditate, you can draw mandalas, you can dance, you can sing. But we will start, first of all, with your appearance.

First, the one you see in the mirror should please you. Secondly, you yourself should radiate happiness, and if you like this happiness, then other people will automatically like it. And this is a big problem for many. As soon as you fix it, then soon you will certainly have a worthy party. And if you don’t, then you just don’t believe it. This has been tested a million times in all my trainings.

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

3. Show your intelligence through clothes

Now you have only one main task before you. Guess which one? Yes, yes, be beautiful! A real woman should be beautiful and light, a little stupid, loving and loved. And it is not necessary at the first meeting to actively demonstrate to a man his intellectual abilities and rich inner. Do not expose your inner qualities. Any smart woman can bring out her intellect through clothes, silently and on the very first date. Better create an external picture that can convey your femininity more eloquently than any words. After all, it is impossible to “stick” everything on yourself at once: both beautiful, and smart, and intellectual.

Beautiful woman - photoBeautiful woman - photo

4. A man should receive aesthetic pleasure

To create your image, choose one quality that you will present on the first date. Think right now – what quality you would like to show your man. Choose the best! Your clothes should awaken desire in your partner. In other words, he must constantly want you and, most importantly, receive aesthetic pleasure looking at you. Your task is to become the most beautiful, the most delicious, the most desirable for him.

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5. Transmit sexuality

So, starting a relationship with a man, do not demand from him an assessment of your inner qualities. Better show him other qualities that he will definitely appreciate. Sexuality is the main quality that you must convey to him at the first meeting. The problem is that not every lady understands what it is. Because often a rich inner world, as a rule, is not friendly with sexuality. And at the first disappointment after a date, it seems to a woman that next to her was not the long-awaited prince at all, because he could not understand her rich inner world.

Therefore, your task is to reveal your sexuality. Unfortunately, many people have it hidden deep inside due to stereotypical upbringing. After all, earlier the education system was aimed at suppressing sexuality in a woman. And until now, many girls and women dress in such a way as to hide this quality as deeply as possible. You don’t need to do this, on the contrary, demonstrate your beauty, learn how to present yourself and broadcast sexuality to a man. This will be, perhaps, the best start on the road to marriage. It’s not for nothing that they say that men love with their eyes.

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Author: Elena Shtorgina, image expert founder of the School of Personal Image.


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