Some relationships are simply doomed to conflict if one of the partners has low emotional intelligence.

emotional intelligenceemotional intelligence

What is it and how to understand that your loved one has low emotional intelligence? We will talk about it in detail.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a person’s ability to understand and manage emotions: their own and those felt by others.

What does emotional intelligence consist of?

First of all, from self-awareness. People with high EQ are good at analyzing and correctly interpreting their emotions. As a result, they have good self-control even in critical situations, have emotions, understand others well and can help them. Thanks to social awareness, people with high emotional intelligence can better build contacts with others and interact well with them.

But we will talk about what happens if a person has a low EQ later.

emotional intelligenceemotional intelligence

Signs of low EQ in a guy

So what are the signs of a guy with low emotional intelligence?

He does not empathize

A guy with a low EQ just can’t empathize with others because he can’t understand other people’s emotions. A man cannot feel and show sincere sympathy. Do you want to be with a person who will never empathize with you?

Does not understand

He does not understand your facial expressions, posture, tone, etc. He does not understand why someone cries, and it is because of low empathy. Because of this, a man with low emotional intelligence may simply not understand you, and because of this, any sense of trust and closeness will disappear.

He has no friends

Even introverts have close friends, as do those who prefer to keep others at a distance. A man with low emotional intelligence simply has no friends or close friends. In general. None.

He runs away

Difficult situations terrify him, but he tries to hide his emotions and, not being able to control them, simply runs home. He will never help you in a really difficult and difficult situation, but he will find a million refusals.

Does not control himself

Such a man cannot control his emotions, so he often prefers to hide them. But when emotions overflow, he literally explodes. Inexplicable outbursts of aggression, deadly resentment, terrible sentimentality … all this is an alarm bell.

Another characteristic follows from this: he argues until he loses his pulse. He is not interested in either irrefutable evidence or the feelings of the person with whom he is arguing. He is not even an authority.

He is never to blame

He offends others, but does not understand why. His words hurt others, his actions hurt, but the boy does not understand why everyone is so offended, because he did nothing wrong. He can insult you, do terrible things, but forever blame you for what happened.

Is it possible to be with such a person in the same space? You can, of course. But is such complexity necessary?

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