Has it been calm in bed for a long time and nothing interesting happens? Does your husband seem to no longer want you? Here are some tips and ways to diversify and improve your sex life and excite any man.

how to turn a man onhow to turn a man on

The Basics of Sexual Attraction

There is no universal algorithm for arousing any man, because all people are different. But there are a few tricks that will work for most. Let’s highlight a few key factors:

  • Cleanliness and tidiness, accuracy. No one likes unkempt-looking and bad-smelling interlocutors. Remember about hygiene and style, and then everyone around you will consider you outwardly attractive.
  • Sensual voice and beautiful manner of speech. Many people forget how they talk and this makes them completely unpresentable to others. Try to speak softly and easily, sensually.
  • Behavior. Everyone likes well-mannered people, but men especially like laid-back and cheerful girls.
  • Initiative. Be bolder and take the initiative: praise him and strive to spend time with him.
  • The element of surprise. Start seducing him at the most unexpected moment, in a crowded place or in some special place.
  • Aroma-aphrodisiac: for example – essential oils with appropriate properties.

How to excite a man with words

Words are important. Try some of our tips on how to awaken passion in a man with words.

If you want sex – don’t be silent!

Men are concrete people. If you wait for your beloved to understand everything, you will fall asleep in your own interests. And there is no one to be offended with, except for yourself. The husband sees that you are upset about something, but you do not want to talk about it. So it’s better to leave you alone – let the girl sleep.

Demand, don’t ask

“Darling, can we go to the bedroom?..” Do you think that sounds very inviting? Yes, if you want to seduce someone who is already burning with passion. But to get a husband who has been with you a million times in this very bedroom, it’s better to say harder: “I want you!” So you challenge a man and spur his hunting instinct.

Couple in bed photoCouple in bed photo

Feel the string

“You drive me crazy”, “I am ready to give myself to you right now.” It doesn’t matter what you babble. The main thing is that your words hit right on target. You see that the man starts up – continue in the same spirit. Remained unexcited? Change vocabulary!

Praise the man more

“You are a wonderful lover!” What is there! Say he’s a giant! In bed, a man must be praised and even praise is not forbidden. This is the very place where even rude flattery can be easily disguised as words of gratitude – you won’t undermine! And no one is likely to try.

couple in bed photocouple in bed photo

Don’t hide your desires

Do you want oral sex? With words or actions, tell a man the right direction – do not make yourself a hypocrite. If you hide your desires, then sex will not bring complete satisfaction.

Get by without swearing

Men often behave like children. But in bed, your husband is a male, not a helpless child. So forget phrases like: “Oh, you’re my pretty.” Do not even think of blurting out “small” – his potency will not forgive you for this!

affectionate words - photoaffectionate words - photo

Spill out emotions!

Bend, moan, scream – don’t hold back! You can even scratch, just be careful. Let the beloved see what pleasure he gives you. And next time, he will no longer wait for an invitation – he will drag you to bed.

Several ways to excite a man with actions

Words alone can turn a man on. Try non-verbal ways, you can combine them with verbal ones.

  • Sight. Look directly and intently at his lips, look away in time and slowly.
  • Be sexy. Profitablely demonstrate the dignity of your body with the help of clothes.
  • Use sexy gestures. Erotically lick your lips, slowly straighten your neckline.
  • Touch him. As if by chance, touch his neck, neck or chest.
  • Wear hot underwear with him. Beautiful underwear on the body of a beloved woman is one of the most powerful stimulants. Choose from silk or lace sets.
  • Use scents. For example – perfume with notes of amber, nutmeg, jasmine or musk. Aromatherapy with essential oils is also suitable: pine, cinnamon, cedar and rose – these aroma oils will help to quickly excite a man.

There are plenty of ways to seduce, and you can choose any one you see fit. The main thing is not to be shy and take the initiative.

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