Sometimes you understand: it’s time to part with a person, because your relationship has simply become obsolete. But how do you decide such a step?


The decision to put an end to a relationship with a loved one – a husband or girlfriend – is nurtured for months, or even years. Even if it seems to you that you took it in one day, it is not so. At that moment, it only matured: an intricate puzzle with many details formed in your head – and you saw the light! It remains only to take the last step … And then you realize that it is incredibly difficult! Yes, parting is painful not only for the one who is abandoned, but also for the one who leaves. But if you decide, don’t stop.

Love is gone…

When you first met, you thought it was destiny. You feel so good together that you will certainly live happily ever after, maybe even die on the same day. But time passed – and everyday problems, disagreements, resentments and quarrels extinguished your passion and love. And at some point, you suddenly realized that you can no longer share a house and a bed with this man … But how to tell him about it? You can’t just turn around and leave – you’re not strangers!

Yes, you need to be honest with your partner. Explain to him why you decided to break up with him, tell him about the problems in the relationship. Of course, for such a conversation, you need to choose the right moment: you don’t have to do it in passing when your husband is going to work, and even more so you can’t arrange such “surprises” for him on the eve of some holiday.

At the same time, you should be prepared for any reaction of a man to his statement. No matter how he feels about you and your marriage, your departure will be a great shock to him. Even if he himself has long understood that it is better for you to leave, because he only thought about this topic, and you took it – and decided!

Perhaps the husband will make an impassive face, silently collect his things and leave, slamming the door.
Or maybe he will become defensive or beg you to give him a chance. It is also possible that he will try to make you feel guilty.

If you are determined to leave, do not give in to persuasion. Don’t let imaginary pity for your partner get the better of you. Believe me, a man will not be lost without you, because, thank God, he is healthy and completely independent. If you agree to stay, then most likely you will quickly realize that it was a mistake. You have already expressed to your husband your unwillingness to live with him: he is unlikely to forget it. Whether the resulting crack in the relationship will ever be able to be cemented is a big question …

You and your friend parted ways

Some people say that friendship just can’t die, and if it did, then it was never real. But this statement is not always true! Sometimes two people develop so differently that they no longer fit together. They gradually move away, and their once close relationship develops into an “old acquaintance”. But if one person is still holding on to friendship, and another is already burdened by it, then a problem arises …

What to do? Do not answer the phone, do not answer messages on the Web? Running away from a friend is not the best way out. It is necessary to gradually reduce communication to a minimum: meet less often, exchange SMS less, explaining this by being busy. Try to share your plans with her: maybe this way she will quickly understand that you have a completely different life and you “dropped out” of her circle.

Break up on good terms

1 Be honest. If you want to tell someone bad news, do not beat around the bush – speak directly, frankly. Yes, it’s hard. But it will be even worse if, in an attempt to soften the blow, you give the person false hope.

2 Don’t settle scores. Explaining the reason for your departure, do not go into details that may hurt your counterpart. He’s having a hard time right now! Why cause him more pain? And of course, refrain from accusations. Remember: in unsuccessful relationships, always
two are to blame.

3 Give credit to the good. Even if your relationship has been more bad than good lately, don’t discount your past together. It must have been a lot of happy days! If possible, tell your counterpart that you are grateful to him for this. Just do not indulge in memories – this will only complicate the separation.

4 Experience the pain. You’ve drawn the line. But this does not mean that your entire previous life has immediately sunk into oblivion! Do not deny the past, but accept it. Only then can you free yourself for the future.