Are you planning to please your soulmate with a romantic dinner at home on Valentine’s Day?

Great idea! In a cozy environment, you can afford much more than in a crowded restaurant.

For everything to go as you planned, adhere to the basic rules of a tête-à-tête meal.

Your image

The main element of the gala dinner, of course, will be you, and this is an occasion to thoroughly prepare for it. Try to find time to get a manicure and pedicure. Pay special attention to your outfit – this evening it should be unusual and seductive, but not overly defiant. And don’t forget sexy lingerie!


Do not decorate the apartment with hundreds of hearts and angels. A man can be intimidated by the abundance of romantic accessories. Elegant table setting in the style of Valentine’s Day and subdued light will be enough to make your loved one relax and tune in to love.


Prepare food that both of you enjoy. If you are counting on an intimate continuation of the evening, it should be light, without ingredients with a pungent odor (onion, garlic). It is absolutely not necessary to lay out the dish on separate plates – it is better to serve it in a common dish.

Topics for conversation

At a festive dinner, try to avoid everyday topics. Try to immerse yourself in warm memories with your loved one or dream about the future, forgetting about work, utility bills and shopping for one evening.


During the meal, you should not only look at your partner, but also touch him. So that the table does not become an obstacle to your kisses and hugs, choose a place next to your loved one, and not opposite him.