Do you think that good men are taken apart as “puppies”? We are ready to argue with this and suggest where you can meet the very one …


In the life of any woman, there may come a moment when it seems to her that everything has already happened: there was love, but it didn’t work out, there were meetings with men, but she didn’t stay with any of them forever. And now such a young lady lives without a couple and thinks that time has been lost and the best representatives of the stronger sex have long made nests for themselves. But that’s not the case at all. Life is complicated, and even handsome princes are free from family ties. Someone fell out of love, someone fell out of love himself, someone else went headlong into a career, and there are those who were badly burned by the flame of love and closed in on themselves for a while … There are not so few such lonely princes. And, of course, there are chances to meet them on your way. The main thing is to set a goal, and we will suggest a meeting place.

1. Your cardan is knocking


Your own car can be a reason to get to know each other. Ask a stranger to help you, for example, pour oil.


2. How to get to the museum?
Do you love to travel? Deliberately “get lost”, get a map out of your purse and find yourself a pretty connoisseur of the city.

3. Melt the ice

Couple on the ice rinkCouple on the ice rink

At the rink, you can make friends with a more experienced skater and take a couple of lessons from him. Or help a newbie stand on their own feet.

4. Do you need a bride?


A man with a dog will appreciate such a joke when you explain to him that you would like to introduce his dog to a friend’s dog.

5. O


general interest
It used to be that watching a football match in a bar was a purely male activity. And today, many girls meet guys this way.

Tanya Bobrikova’s comment:


“To meet men, I chose Speed ​​Dating. When I came to the party, the guys seemed very interesting to me. But during the conversation, everything was not as fun as we would like. Perhaps the downside is that only 5 minutes are given for the conversation? In such a short time, it is hardly possible to interest each other. Moreover, most people are often worried at the first meeting. Is it possible to find a soul mate in this way and what other ways of dating are, read in my blog on the website of the New Channel!

Meeting that “one” is no easy task. How did Tanya try to find her love? And why, as a result of these attempts, Tanya had a fight with her best friend and burst into tears on Andrey’s shoulder?

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