Whether you are married or have just been dating your boyfriend for a long time, it doesn’t matter. In any case, romantic feelings eventually replace the routine.

How to restore the relationship to its former sharpness and fall in love with your man again? Try one of the following methods!

pretend it’s not yours

Sometimes you only know the value of what you have when you lose it. But do not go to extremes. Just try to imagine that your beloved is courting another woman – making her tea, picking her up from work, going shopping with her on Sunday … Already starting to be jealous? Admit it, you don’t want to part with him.

Remember what you loved

Make a list of those qualities of a partner that melted your icy heart a few years ago. What happened to them? Perhaps you need to turn to a man for help more often and take on less responsibility so that he can show himself.

Focus on its merits

Every day, find at least five reasons to praise your spouse. Even if, frankly, there is nothing to admire, still try to do it at least sometimes. You will soon come to the conclusion that a young man with such a huge amount of positive qualities really deserves your love.

Change your situation

You can go to Turkey or go hiking. But it is better to choose a journey in which you will have to face difficulties. It is in such conditions that the character and essence of a man is manifested, and this will help you remember why you fell in love with him.