Love is a wonderful experience. But even she passes.

How to determine: are you ready to put an end to it? Or do negative emotions push you to take a step that you will later regret bitterly?


Here the first time of falling in love has passed, feelings have subsided, and you see that your chosen one is not a prince at all, and his horse is somehow lame …


There are some signs of a failed relationship that you should pay attention to:

  • You don’t communicate much. Sometimes you feel like he’s avoiding you
  • He doesn’t like discussing the future. Even if it’s plans for the weekend
  • He does not want to make an effort to help or please you.
  • When you fight, you both get personal and insult each other.
  • You feel like he annoys you just because he is the way he is
  • You can easily quarrel in public, and it will not embarrass you.
  • One or both of you want to stay longer at work or go out with friends than spend leisure time together
  • You don’t trust him
  • You do not believe in his strength and his success
  • Sex causes the thought “I wish this would end”

Destroying a family is not easy. Everything you’ve been through together is holding you back and keeping you from leaving. And if you still have children… Your heart bleeds every time you hear the phrase “A child must have a father.”

However, even a common child is not a reason to continue to endure each other if you are not on the same path together. It is better that the child has two happy parents, even if they live separately, even with their families. And not mom and dad living together, but fiercely hating each other. Even silently and without scenes, kids are still able to acutely feel the harmful microclimate in the family and suffer from it.


By what signs can you know that the time has come to dissolve the marriage?

Mutual dissatisfaction

Is there a trait in your husband that you just can’t accept? Do you want to change it? And he you?


Think about whether you can come to a common denominator and change against each other. If this is not possible, then it is worth thinking about parting. Mutual claims are a sure way to ruin each other’s lives. Relationships need to improve.

Relationships for others

“My mother loves him so much”, “Dad always wanted me to be married to a military man”… Relatives always wish us well. And therefore, they always expect us to act in a strictly defined way – in the way that they consider the best.


They think you don’t! And you are pulling the strap of relationships you don’t need, just to be a “decent married woman”, because at 30 years old it’s a shame to be unmarried.

Marriage for a child

As often happens: “I’m with you only for the sake of the child.”


But children are not the goal of marriage, and not a means to strengthen something. A baby is a person whose parents are obliged to help develop. But they shouldn’t be used for their own purposes.

No perspective

Let’s face it, not everyone marries for love. Someone goes to the registry office after learning about the pregnancy. Someone in the new status is more comfortable and calmer.


But if marriage does not give you what you need – peace, security, comfort, support, recognition, etc., and there has never been love between you, then maybe you should end this relationship?

fell out of love

And this also happens. It’s one thing if you got such an impression under the wag of emotions – after a quarrel, stress – and quickly passed.


But if you feel indifferent to the person who shares shelter, food and bed with you for a long time, at least talk to him about your feelings.