Study, work and other important things can separate lovers for a long time.

How to keep feelings if there are hundreds of kilometers between you? “Lisa” will share with you the secrets of long-distance relationships!

  • The connection between a loving man and woman is strengthened by common plans. Talk with your loved one more often about the vacation you will go on together this summer, about the upcoming meeting with your parents, about interesting places that you will visit when you meet. The main thing is that you are united by a common goal.
  • Call, write SMS, leave messages on social networks, arrange video calls on Skype … You need to communicate during separation as much as possible.
  • Every morning wish him a good day, and before going to bed – good night. From time to time, exchange photos with your loved one or send him cute souvenirs by regular mail.
  • Do not be silent about the difficulties that you face in the absence of a partner. Even at a distance, he can help you cope with problems, and this is very close.
  • Do not forget that there is another life. Work, meet friends, develop. So you will always have something to tell the guy about. In addition, time will fly faster, and you will not even notice how the day of meeting with your loved one will come.
  • Try not to be jealous, because the foundation of a relationship is trust. Mutual accusations and quarrels will not end in anything good.
  • Believe that soon you will find yourself next to your chosen one. Remember that many couples break up just because they are afraid of distance.